This book would not have been possible without the talent and support of these women:

Abby @abbgilmore
Abby Gilmore is a young mum of two beautiful girls with an innate skill for telling it like it is. Her blog began as a creative outlet to share her thoughts on motherhood and has now grown into a large social media following; people who share her stories, both her happy moments and her difficult times.

Kate @adventures_plus
Kate is the mother of a little lady and is a self confessed coffee lover, beer drinker and night owl. She is a creator at heart and loves to share her stories!

Helena @athingor2
Helena puts all her love into her role as a mother and also into creating her unique range of handmade soft toys, which are available through her Etsy store.

Chloe @blueberrycobaby
Chloe is a mother of two and the founder of Blueberry Co. - an online boutique selling customisable memory books. She is a big believer in making the most of every moment and appreciating the little things that life has to offer.

Brittany @bybrittanynoonan
Brittany is a mother, blogger and social media influencer. She has a passion for health, fitness and mental health and wants to use her personal experiences and ten years worth of personal training knowledge to teach, motivate and inspire other women to live a life they love.

Katy @candid_katy
Katy, foremost, is a mum. She also loves words, coffee, piano, fresh sheets and fairy lights. In her spare time, she volunteers for PANDA, to help raise awareness for Post Natal Depression.

Kim is a Social Media Manager and Digital Coach with a unique style of writing. She writes about all things 'life' and is also the mother of two gloriously different, yet gorgeous, girls.

Clair @clairhillcoaching_
Clair is a Psychic Medium and Spiritual Life Coach. She is the co-founder of the 'Love Yo Self' movement (currently holding workshops across Australia), alongside Abby Gilmore, and is a passionate ambassador for self love and positivity.

Paula @common_wild
Paula loves to draw illustrations that celebrate all the things that she loves most in the world. In particular, she is mesmerised by cities and inspired by the beauty and enhancement of nature. Her latest series, which is featured in our book, depicts a different side of motherhood.

Rachel @echoupcycled
Rachel is a stay at home mum to two beautiful children. She is currently in the process of launching her own small business, a children's clothing boutique. Rachel loves to reuse fabrics from decades past and transform them into beautiful, unique pieces for your kids.

Emmylou @emmylou_loves
Emmylou is one hell of a woman! Not only is she an MC and guest speaker, but she is the founder of her own TV show - Dot Com Social. She is hot property on the Instagram market at the moment and her self confidence and kindness is admire by women everywhere. Oh, and in her spare time, she wrangles three kids!

Emma @happyhandshappyheart
Emma is the creator of an amazing range of natural, scented play-dough, which promotes sensory play and fine motor skills for children. When Emma is not busy creating play-dough masterpieces, she has her hands full and her heart happy with three gorgeous kids!

Holly @hollyjacksonart
Holly is a mermaid in disguise. She is the colourful creative behind Holly Jackson Art - a bright and fun kids clothing label. In between painting threads, she is a doting mum to her two beautiful kids.

Lauren @justsayingirl
Lauren is an Art Director from Sydney who used to come home and practice lettering for relaxation. Little did she know, people would actually LOVE what she did! Since launching Just Sayin' Girl in 2014, Lauren dedicates her spare time to working with clients all over the world, providing personal and commercial work.

Theresa @justsosweetdesserts
Theresa is the maker and baker behind the newly established Just So Sweet Desserts, a small business that came about by baking delicious sweets for family and friends!

Kacey @kaceybutterworthphotography
Kacey is a family photographer who specialises in 'Fresh 48' photography - capturing those priceless moments in the first 48 hours of a little bub's life.

Jacinta @largelittleminds
Jacinta is a mum, wife and blogger. She uses her Instagram page to reflect on life, share her musings and show her experiences of raising and working with young children.

Cathy @lifethroughthehaze
Cathy is a storyteller who loves to empower women everywhere. Her recent article 'I interviewed the woman who bullied me in high school' was recently featured on KidSpot.

Renae @littlemeclothdolls
Renae is the maker of the most amazing and whimsical mermaid dolls. Each doll is truly unique and handcrafted from the heart. Renae's dolls are looking for their forever homes over at her Etsy store!

Melanie is a mum of two beautiful kids and a newly established photographer. As any mother knows, Mel found that she often missed out on being in front of the camera, due to always being the one behind the lens! Despite taking photos for a living, she is determined to feature in more of her OWN photos this year.

Megan @meganfuryart
Megan is a mother, graphic designer and artist. Her sense of colour and design is impeccable and she loves trying out new techniques! She has a variety of artistic products available through her newly launched Etsy store!

Mikaela @mikaelaburnett
Mikaela is not your average blogger. She is truthful, blunt and hilariously crude. A freelance writer, bullshit artist and self proclaimed 'cool mum' - this lady is definitely one to follow if you need some laughs in your life.

Louise @moretomum
Louise is a mother herself and her goal is to help mums everywhere look after themselves, develop a healthier mindset and manage the practical side of life. Join her private Facebook group to connect with other like minded mummas!

Courtney @mumsgonecrackers
Courtney is the founder of Mums Gone Crackers, a judgement free hub where women and mothers can connect, empower and inspire each other. Mums Gone Crackers also hosts monthly events on the Sunshine Coast - look them up if you're a local!

Angela @oneday_at_a_time_mumma
Angela utilises her Instagram account to document her life in pictures. She is trying to find that perfect balance between mum life, work life, family and everything in between! (Let me know if you have any luck!)

Anna @ownsitbyanna
Anna is the creator behind Owns It!, a fun and fierce fashion label for women and girls. Anna also hosts 'Chats' where she speaks to other inspiring women and shares their stories through her website. She also enjoys blogging about all things 'life' and somehow, even makes time to be an amazing mum!

Rose @roselouiseloves
Rose is a mum to beautiful twin girls and uses her blogging platform to share the ups and downs of motherhood, as well as her passion for health, fitness and all things 'life'!

Yvette @yvettemystakas
Yvette initially launched her blog to share her stories of perinatal depression and mental illness, in the hope that other mums, their partners and friends, would not feel alone in their experiences. Today, she is on the road to recovery and continues to help women and encourage them to share their stories.

Lily @slowdownstyle
Lily is a fashion blogger, stylist and brand ambassador with over 10 years experience in the fashion industry. She started her blog to share her everyday style and real world fashion tips with women, just like herself. Now, she is a full-time professional blogger and mum to two hilarious and beautiful children.

Jodie @territorymama
Jodie is a mum from Northern Territory and her blog is her place to share their family travels, adventures and stunning photography of the great NT.

Sarah @the.toughest.gig
Sarah is a mum of two and a blogger who likes to tell it like it is. After a tough childhood, she found love in the form of her own family and her blog is her outlet and escape from mum life.

Leah @the.dearest.days
Leah is mum to one wild toddler. She loves the beach, any type of market that involves food, a good Netflix binge and drinking her coffee alone (without a tiny person making demands!) In her own words - "being a mum is both the hardest and the best thing I've ever done."

Meagan @theominousmum
Meagan is mum to two gorgeous boys and is an incredible fitness and mental health advocate. Alongside blogging, she is currently studying to become a personal trainer!

Thu @thuie
Thu is the mother of two beautiful little ladies and is an incredibly artistic photographer - her eye for detail is amazing! Her Instagram account contains gorgeous imagery and quirky illustrations featuring her eldest daughter, Banksii.

Stacie @tinymountainstudio
Stacie is a self proclaimed design nerd, cat lady and colour geek! She spends her days designing logos and building strong, inspiring branding concepts for empowered and determined ladies who want something that is so amazingly them.

Ella @youremytype_
Ella has over 6 years experience working with young people, public speaking, running programs and educating others. Her business is a direct reflection of the heart of why Ella does what she does - to inspire people to lead an amazing life!